My Bottle drinking bottle with the Don't Touch This Is My Bottle bag. The black screw cap supplied ensures excellent sealing and is easy to open. The opening is also large enough to be able to drink from the My Bottle; this prevents you from feeling that you are drinking from a disposable plastic bottle. To further enhance the drinking experience, the My Bottle comes with the My Bottle mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is placed at the top of the My Bottle (directly in the opening) and this mouthpiece prevents an abundance of liqujids from coming out when the My Bottle is tilted, and the My Bottle also feels better on the mouth this way. The My Bottle has a capacity of 500 ml, which makes it ideal for daily sports use.


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- My Bottle with black screw cap
- Don't Touch This Is My Bottle bag
- My Bottle mouthpiece for an improved drinking experience